Badges and Uniform

If you’re moving up from Beavers into Cubs, you’ll probably have an armful of badges and you’ll be reluctant to see them go. There is some good news here, some of the badges can be worn on your Cub uniform!

The Scout Association has a guide to Badges and their placement.

Chief Scout Bronze Award

Getting your Chief Scout Bronze award was a big achievement in Beavers and you CAN wear this on your Cubs uniform, but only until you get your Chief Scout Silver award…If you didn’t quite get your Chief Scout Bronze Award at Beavers, let Akela or Bagheera know as soon as possible because you may be able to complete it within the first few weeks of being a Cub!

The Chief Scout Bronze award goes on the same place on the Cubs uniform as it did on the Beavers uniform, on the right hand side of your chest.

Staged Badges

The staged badges (the blue ones with purple edges) follow you throughout your time as a Scout these CAN be worn on Beaver, Cub, Scout or Explorer uniforms. Once you complete one award, you can start working towards the next one. You wear the highest award for each staged activity badge on your uniform. The level of the award is shown as a number at the bottom of the badge.

While at Cubs you will be working towards your stage 2 and (possibly) 3 in Emergency Aid and we will give you opportunity to get lots of nights and hikes away. If you play a musical instrument or enjoy swimming or IT let one of the leaders know as you may be able to get these staged badges by bringing proof of your achievements to us.

Lower-numbered staged activity badges can go on a camp blanket, if you have one, once you remove them from your uniform.

Joining-In Award

The joining-in award, is awarded on the anniversary of you joining The Scouting Movement. It is common to take only the most recent award from your Beaver uniform and add it to the Cub Uniform, older badges can be worn if desired or sewn onto a camp blanket.

Beaver Activity and Challenge Badges

The yellow activity badges with blue edges and red challenge badges are just for Beavers. In Cubs we have our own activity and challenge badges to earn, we’ll be working hard to help you fill your uniform with the new Cub Scout Challenge badges. You may also like to look at the Scout association’s website to see if there are any badges like Animal Carer, Book Reader, Hobbies or Home Safety that you might like to do on your own.

Your Beaver activity and challenge badges can go onto your camp blanket if you have one.

Moving on Award

This is awarded to Cub Scouts when they join the pack if they have previously been a member of a Beaver Colony. This will be awarded when they are invested.

This diagram will help you identify which badges move onto you Cubs jumper.

Beaver Uniform Badge Positions
  • On the left, the top set of badges are the group badges. You will get new group badges when you are invested so these ones can go onto your camp blanket
  • The badge under that is the partnership award, this does not go onto your Cubs uniform.
  • The top badge on the chest in the left of the picture is the Chief Scout Bronze Award, this does go onto your Cub Uniform
  • The badges underneath are the challenge awards, these go onto you camp blanket.
  • On the right of the picture on the chest the top badge is the occasional badge, this is likely to be out of date or unsuitable for Cubs, you could always ask if you think it should stay.
  • The badges under those are the joining-in badges, one or all of these should move onto the Cubs uniform. Older joining-in badges can be sewn onto a camp blanket.
  • The final badge on the chest is the membership badge, a new membership badge is given to you when you are invested as a Cub.
  • Down the right hand side arm are the activity badges. The yellow ones with blue edges can’t be worn because these are Beavers badges but you can move the blue ones with purple borders.
Cub Uniform Badge Positions
Scout Uniform Badge Positions